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Bhojpuri MusicBhojpuri language is also known as Bihari as the majority of its speakers reside in the state of Bihar. Apart from that there is significant Bhojpuri speaking population in eastern Uttar Pradesh, southern Assam and western Bengal.  Bhojpuri Music is very popular among its speakers.  If you are interested in downloading hit Bhojpuri songs and MP3 then this article will provide you the links and give interesting facts related to the Bhojpuri songs.

Bhojpuri is being regarded as one of the sweetest languages and it’s a belief among the farmers that if they recite Bhojpuri songs while sowing the crop, it will lead to significant improvement on its yield. Bhojpuri songs comprises of appealing presentations of mundane and sensual themes. These passionate themes cover various dialects of the area including Avadhi, Brajbhasha, Bhojpuri and others. They are sung in simple ragas that are influenced from folk songs of the region.

The popularity of the Bhojpuri songs spreads not only in Bihar but also across various states of the country as they are funny and provides for wholesome entertainment.  Some of the songs are sung on specific occasions. For instance there are many Holi songs which form an integral part of the festival.

Bhojpuri MusicIn recent times, various Bhojpuri composers have focused on creating innovative compositions and bring about the fusion music which blends the western beats with the traditional tunes.  One of their songs ‘Muniya re Muniya’ is the shining example of fusion songs that comprises of Bhangra beats and Bhojpuri tune. This song is a chartbuster and has become a regular at dance parties.

The beauty of Bhojpuri Lok Geet and Nrutya lies in the traditional style and it is rich in rural tunes and rhythms. It offers a wide variety in music forms like a large number of Akhtar’s thumris, dadras, savans and hories that are sung in mixed dialects and in varieties of talas and ragas. There are several groups which are working for the revival of the Bhojpuri Sangeet.

Major songs which are downloaded frequently over the net are  “Bagal wali jaan mareli”Aara hile, chapra hile, baliya hile la”,Station se laut ke aaini, Magadh Express- Jatra banailo, Tohar dom kathe galow, Pardesh balamwa, Aa kaki parnam, suutal bari,Jab Ham Chali La Dagariya, Sara GOA Hile La, etc. You can these download songs and MP3 for ipod and PC from various sites.

Bhojpuri MusicFamous bhojpuri singers include Manoj Tiwari, Sharda Sinha, Guddu Rangila, etc. is a rich source of lots of MP3, downloadable songs that can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere over
the internet.

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