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Music DownloadsIt is very well said that Music is the medicine of the mind and it is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Music cleanses the soul of the person and reverberates in the heart.  In today’ fast paced world, Music is the best way to beat the stress and to serve this cause, provides the rich collection of downloadable songs and MP3. offers the downloadable top songs not only in Indian Languages but also the hit English tracks as well.  If you are looking for Music to sooth your soul and heal your heart or want to go crazy with electrifying beats, is the solution for all your musical needs. Apart from the easy downloadable Indian songs, MP3 and English songs, this site also enriches you with the interesting facts related to various regional songs and English songs.

Music DownloadsThe evolution of the Indian Music is the result of the interaction and interweaving of indigenous and foreign races and cultures. There are two distinct forms of Indian Music known as North Indian music or Hindustani music and South Indian Music or Karnatic Music. Both these forms have the same origin but they are different in approach and style.

Indian Music culture is rich in its roots and heritage. It ranges from simple melodies to classical music that is considered as the most well developed in the world. It acts as source of religious inspiration, cultural expression and pure entertainment.   Music is the soul of Indian life and embedded deeply in its culture. It is reflected in its expression in every occasion from birth to death, songs, dances and musical instruments.

Music DownloadsBollywood or Hindi Songs leads the pack of the Indian songs. Each state of India has its own distinct regional folk songs which are immensely popular across the country.  India is proudly boasts of the immensely talented artists that have make remarkable contribution to the Indian Music Industry. Some of the legendary artists are A R Rehman, Javed Aktar, Hasrat Jaipuri, Gulzar, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle and Sonu Nigam.  They have created a truly timeless and spirited compositions that will continue to enthrall Indian and international audience forever. encompasses the wide array of the Indian songs including Hindi Songs, Gujarati Songs, Marathi Songs, Bengali Songs, Oriya Songs, Telugu Songs, Tamil Songs, Kannada Songs, Malayalam Songs, Punjabi Songs, Rajasthani Songs, Kashmiri, etc.

Music DownloadsMoreover the MP3 and downloadable songs of various regional languages can be easily downloaded and it comprised of great variety of moods and emotions like the old songs, new songs, latest songs, sad songs, folksongs, love songs, wedding songs, devotional, instrumental, classical, patriotic, remixes, 2009 hits, etc.
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