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Gujarati MusicGujarat represents the rich culture heritage of India. Gujarati Music is the soul of Gujarati Culture and forms the core of its cultural and traditional values.  It is well known fact that people of Gujarat have remarkable business acumen; additionally they also possess great taste and passion for their music and various festivals which they celebrate with great enthusiasm and joy. Even simple festivals showcase the lively and colorful spirit when they are celebrated.

Gujarat Music has always been in the forefront in enriching and propagating the folk culture and it is evident from the fact that it has preserved folk music in its pure and pristine form by Charans and Gadhavis. If you are interested in downloading hit Gujarati and MP3 then this article will provide you the links and give interesting facts related to the Gujarati songs.

Gujarati Music comprises of various ragas which bear the territorial names of Gujarat such as Gujaqri Todi, Bilaval (from Veraval), etc.  Gujarati Folk Music and songs mesmerizes the audiences with its special sweetness, rhythm and cadence.  The sur in this music is short and simple and it shows variation of modes and movements of limbs, The Taal, Laheka, halak, jalak, etc.

Gujarati MusicBhavai is a well renowned folk drama that is performed in village and temple grounds by professional communities like the Taragalas, Bhojakas, etc. It refers to the Sanskrit word “Bhava” meaning expression of emotion. There are several Gujaratis that have enriched the tradition of Hindustani Classical Muisic and it clearly shows the fascination and craving for music of the people of Gujarat.

Baroda is widely recognized as the cultural capital of Gujarat that constitutes a University with faculty of music, dance and drama in addition to Kala Bhavan which showcase various monuments to Sayajirao’s contribution to fine arts. The folk dances and music of Gujarat including Garba and Dandiya are the soul of Gujarati songs and they are hugely popular for their vigour and grace.

Praful Dave has done a remarkable work in epitomizing Gujarat and its folk heritage. He has a unique style and voice that enthralls the audience all over the world and leaves them spellbound.

Major singers whose songs are frequently downloaded over the net are Praful Dave, Herma, Phalguni Pathak (also famous as a Dandiya Queen),Jitendra Joshi, Rekha Trivedi, Alka Yagnik  and Farida Mir. Major chartbusters Dandiya albums and frequently downloaded over the net are Navdurga Maa Ramti Raas, Ranglo Jamyo, Jel Jel Re NonStop Garba Fusion 2000,Samarjeet Guha, Paragi Parmar and Rasika Tog etc. You can these download songs and MP3 for ipod and PC from various sites.

Gujarati MusicSome of the famous devotional song albums are Aarti – Stuti – Garba, Aarti And Garba, Butmaana Dhamman Matajina Garba, Garbavali, Mataji Na Garba,Thasso – Raas Garba, Bapa Moriya Re, Non Stop Ras Garba,etc. is a rich source of lots of MP3, downloadable songs that can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere over the internet.

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