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Rajasthani MusicRajasthan possess rich and distinct cultural heritage and is a home to important centers of Indian musical development including Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur.  Music and dance forms the essential and inherent part of the lifestyle and culture of Rajasthan. If you are interested in downloading hit Rajasthani songs and MP3 then this article will provide you the links and give interesting facts related to the Rajasthan songs.

The dance and the music of Rajasthan exhibit the spectacular beauty and the brutal harshness of the terrain. In addition to that it also highlights the vibrancy, zeal, passion, grace and heroism of its people and their lives. The music encompasses the spirit of identity and provides entertainment as relief from the daily grind of earning a living while bearing heat and dust storms.

The Folk music of Rajasthan is a vital component of various functions including weddings, engagements, births, etc.  Traditional music includes the women’s Panihari songs, which is a reflection of the daily chores of their life centered on water and wells that forms the integral part of Rajasthan’s desert culture. You can download these songs and MP3 for ipod and PC from various sites.

Rajasthani MusicDances and Music of Rajasthan express the passion of the people for life where in people dance with their bodies swinging and tapping vigorously to the soulful music.  It is marked by the vigorous and zestful display of the perfect body movements to the enchanting tune of musical instruments.

Folk music includes the tal for its effective rendering and many instruments are used for it such as dhol (drum), dholak, nagara, majira, chang and daf.  In fact there are lots of activities in Rajasthani music and culture scene that forms the essential part of people lives like dancing, singing, drama, devotional music and puppet shows and other community festivities.

Rajasthani MusicSongs that are frequently downloaded over the net includes Rajasthani Desert Melodies, Rajwadi songs, Holi Songs, etc. These songs are Aur Rang De Balam Chhoto So.. Chalo Dekhan Ne.. Chirmi.. Dheere Chal E Panihari, Gangaur,  Ghoomar, Kesariya Banna, Bichhudo..Boli Pyari Lage.,Dudheli , Bana., Gorband.., Kesariyo Hazari Gul Ro Phool.., Lehariyo,Chalo Piyaji Aapan,  Ghooghri,  Gora Gora Gal,  Jadoo Daryo Re, etc.  Musicdownloads.in is a rich source of lots of MP3, downloadable songs that can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere over the internet.

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